Airwolf Project X

This domain was purchased in recent months to be used as a memory and trivia site for unique things pertaining to the show Airwolf.  It has come to our attention that it may have been used previously tied to a flight simulator game from years ago.  If so, we are going to add some of that content here:


(the above video was for the domain)


For the UK domain:



Added A Video Of Full Scale Airwolf Replica

Just added a video featuring a full-scale replica of Airwolf.  It has been added to the Helicopters page here:

Helicopters And Planes

Article About Airwolf Extended Themes Creator Added

We found an interesting article with Mark Cairns and added it to the Music section of this website:



We also found a fan’s attempt to replicate the Airwolf operating system software.  That video has been added to this page:

Official Fan Follow Ups

Hawke’s Cabin Filming Location Added

Just added a video about Lake Hemet, CA – and the setting for where Stringfellow Hawke’s cabin was supposedly located during the Airwolf television series.  That video can be found here:

Filming Locations

Two Airwolf Cast Videos Added

Added to the Cast & Crew page are two videos.  One is a behind-the-scenes music video of the Season 4 Airwolf and the other is a late-in-his-career interview with Ernest Borgnine where he recalls his experiences on Airwolf.  Both can be found starting here:

Cast And Crew

Airwolf Trivia – Shannen Doherty’s TV Roles Before Airwolf

Airwolf Trivia Question

Shannen Doherty appeared in Airwolf’s Season 1, Episode 3 (Bite of the Jackal) in early 1984.  According to IMDB, which TV shows had she appeared on before she appeared on Airwolf?



Father Murphy, The Phoenix, The Secret Of NIMH, Night Shift, Voyagers, Little House On The Prairie, Magnum P.I. and Little House: A Look Back To Yesterday

More Airwolf Toy Videos Added

We added two new YouTube videos found featuring reviews of 1980’s toys, including Airwolf helicopter replicas and more.  Those videos were added to the Toys page here:

Toys And Models

Video Of Airwolf LCD Game Added

We found a YouTube video of the Airwolf LCD game.  It has been added to the Games page here:


HX-1 Resource Added

We just added a resource which gives more information about the actual helicopter referred to as HX-1 during Season 2 of Airwolf.  That resource is now on the “Helicopters And Planes” episode:

Helicopters And Planes

New Toys Page Added

We just added a new “Toys and Models” page dedicated to action figures, hot wheels cars and small scale (non-remote control) models of Airwolf.  Here is that page:

Toys And Models

A Bug In The Computer Code Of Moffett’s Ghost Episode

Here is a unique video (video click here if unable to be seen on this post) from an Airwolf fan who found a bug in the computer code shown in the episode “Moffett’s Ghost”:

Foreign Language Airwolf Games

We just added some information to the Games page on this website.  It includes links to learn more about Airwolf foreign-language games (Japanese video game, Spanish-language board game) and the handheld Airwolf LCD game: