Spanish Language Airwolf Action Figures

We recently found images about a Spanish-language Airwolf action figure and toy set.  In the next few posts you will see various toys from that line.

Here is the first one:

According to that page (photo credit to that page as well):

  • Glasslite released this Garras de Aguia set in 1984 – this set title translates as “Claws of the Eagle”
  • Includes two versions of Stringfellow Hawke – one with a helmet and one without
  • The helmet is not removable
  • The Garras de Aguia set also includes a jeep and a rocket-carrying-truck, which are scaled neither to each other nor to the figures

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Youngest Pilot In Hollywood During Time Airwolf Was Filmed

Airwolf Trivia

During the time Airwolf was being filmed, the show featured the youngest pilot in Hollywood.  Who was he?

Peter McKernan, Jr.  At the age of 23, he was the aerial coordinator for Airwolf.  His father was the main pilot of the Airwolf helicopter.


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Animal House Actors Who Appeared In Airwolf Season 3

Airwolf Trivia

Which actors in the movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House” also appeared in episodes of Airwolf during Season 3?


  • John Vernon, who played “Dean Wormer” in Animal House. He appeared as John Bradford Horn in the “Discovery” episode
  • Casare Danova, who played “Mayor Carmine DePasto” in Animal House. He appeared in the “Airwolf II” episode



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