Location Of Crash Site For Original Airwolf

Airwolf Trivia

After it was sold to a German helicopter company (under the new registration number D-HHSD), the original Airwolf crashed in an accident which killed the pilot and passengers on board.  Where did the accident happen?


Halbeswig Germany.



The tragic fate of Airwolf Bell 222: destroyed due to pilot error a few years after the show ended



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Location Of The Entrance To Airwolf Lair

Airwolf Trivia

According to Airwolf Online (https://www.airwolf-online.com/the-lair), where is the real-life entrance to The Lair where Airwolf was supposed to be hidden in the desert?

In Monument Valley in Utah, near the Utah-Arizona border.  According to the website:

  • The entrance to the lair is located at the Hidden Bridge straight across Moccasin Arch.

  • The chimney AW hovers out of is located at Thunderbird Mesa.

Here is a map:


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Airwolf’s Defense Systems

Airwolf Trivia

According to the archive/Wayback page for “The Wolf’s Lair” website (click here), what were Airwolf’s defense systems?



SUNBURST DECOYS – Flares ejected rearward to attract heat seeking missiles.

CHAFF DECOYS – Canisters ejected rearward that explode, showering bits of aluminum to confuse radar-guided missiles.

NOTE: These systems are stored together and launched from the rear of AIRWOLF’S avionics bays )port/starboard).


Venetian blinding the exhaust emissions.


Produces omnidirectional radiation of infrared energy to disable IR tracking. An automatic system that needs no missile approach warning. It snaps on when scanned by IR detectors.


Produces multi-leveled decoy signals to confuse radar.



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History Of The Airwolf Crash In Germany

The original Airwolf helicopter, which was modified with the props for the aerial scenes in the show, was sold and converted into an air ambulance helicopter in Germany.  It crashed in 1992.

Here is one of the better recaps of what happened with more specific details than most other sources which mention the horrific crash:

The tragic fate of Airwolf Bell 222: destroyed due to pilot error a few years after the show ended


If interested, within the article there is a close-up image of the original Airwolf flight suit patch as seen on the show.

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Special Effects Coordinator For Airwolf Bombing Run End Of Season 1

Airwolf Trivia

Who was the special effects (SFX) coordinator for the bombing run scene at the end of “To Snare A Wolf”, the final episode of Season 1?


Whitey Krumm

Resources:  Visit page 8 of this PDF:  https://airwolfthemes.com/media/Airwolf_THE-TRIP_Mk4b.pdf and https://shotonwhat.com/o/494649/whitey-krumm

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Airwolf Filming Locations Map

We found a helpful custom Google Map made by a fan who made map markers (aka “pins”) of filming locations for the following Airwolf scenes/episodes:

Pilot and Horn of Plenty – Vazquez Rocks
Universal Studios Soundstage
Cabin Dock
Pilot – Khadaffi’s Palace
Firm Knightsbridge Office
Santini Air Hanger Van Nuys Airport
Jetcopters Current Hanger
The Lair (ground) Entrance
The Lair (helicopter) Entrance
And They Are Us – N. Limbawe
And They Are Us – S. Limbawe Assasination Attempt
And They Are Us – Straffing Run and Birds of Paradise
And They Are Us and St. John POW camp
And They Are Us and Bite of the Jackal
And They Are Us Farm and Fence
And They Are Us – Nerve Gas
To Snare a Wolf – Steerman Takeoff
To Snare A Wolf – b-52 Bombing Run
Rancho Temescal
Horn of Plenty – String Shoots Dom
Birds of Paradise
Bite of the Jackal – The Crash / Where Have All The Children Gone?
Bite of the Jackal – Sucessful Rescue
Half Pint – McBride’s Cliff
Where Have All the Children Gone? – Dom Kills Squad Car
Intro – Wolf Mountain
Airwolf II
Short Walk to Freedom and Once a Hero
Once a Hero – Veluzat Ranch Complex
Once a Hero POW Camp and Half Pint
HX-1 Hawke is stranded
HX-1 Demonstration Site
Kingdom Come – Indian Dunes Ridgeline
Pilot – Imperial Dunes, Glamis, CA
Sins of the Past – Avalon, CA
Desperate Monday – Queen Mary
Red Rock Canyon State Park
Sweet Britches – Desert Center, CA
Newhall Ranch
Here is the embedded map:


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Slide Show Video From 1980’s Of Airwolf At Jetcopters In Van Nuys CA

We found a fun piece of Airwolf history posted on YouTube earlier this year. It is a slide show video featuring an Airwolf fan at the Jetcopters hangar in Van Nuys California, and he was able to take photos of the original Airwolf, the helicopter used in the HX-1 episode and the Santini Air helicopter.

Enjoy the video below!

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