Slide Show Video From 1980’s Of Airwolf At Jetcopters In Van Nuys CA

We found a fun piece of Airwolf history posted on YouTube earlier this year. It is a slide show video featuring an Airwolf fan at the Jetcopters hangar in Van Nuys California, and he was able to take photos of the original Airwolf, the helicopter used in the HX-1 episode and the Santini Air helicopter.

Enjoy the video below!

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Names Of The Others Who Flew In Airwolf With Dr. Moffet

Airwolf Trivia Question

What were the names of the others who flew inside Airwolf with Dr. Moffet in the first Airwolf show, Shadow of the Hawke (“Airwolf The Movie”)?


Chuck Sinclair (Engineer) and Mark Gordon (Co-Pilot)

Also see them together talking about Airwolf at the 1:55 mark of this video:


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Location Of Last Airwolf Replica

Airwolf Trivia Question

Where is the location (as of Spring 2022) for the last version of Airwolf that was seen in the original TV show?



The Tomorrow’s Flight Museum in Compton California (Los Angeles area).  Here is more about the museum and the last Airwolf full size helicopter remaining:

Another video confirming:


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Airwolf Project X

This domain was purchased in recent months to be used as a memory and trivia site for unique things pertaining to the show Airwolf.  It has come to our attention that it may have been used previously tied to a flight simulator game from years ago.  If so, we are going to add some of that content here:


(the above video was for the domain)


For the UK domain:



Airwolf Trivia – Shannen Doherty’s TV Roles Before Airwolf

Airwolf Trivia Question

Shannen Doherty appeared in Airwolf’s Season 1, Episode 3 (Bite of the Jackal) in early 1984.  According to IMDB, which TV shows had she appeared on before she appeared on Airwolf?



Father Murphy, The Phoenix, The Secret Of NIMH, Night Shift, Voyagers, Little House On The Prairie, Magnum P.I. and Little House: A Look Back To Yesterday