Cast And Crew

We found this rare video here ( about Jan-Michael Vincent and the actors of Airwolf.  All copyrights belong to the original owners and there exists no intent from anyone associated with this website to profit from this video.  It is used under the Fair Use laws, but we will remove it if contacted by the rightful copyright owners:


This YouTube video ( was recorded from a 1984 TV show.  It is about Peter McKernan, Sr. – the stunt pilot who flew the Airwolf helicopter:

Here is a Facebook post confirming the above:


Here is an interview with Gene Gillette, who worked on the musical scores of Airwolf:


A January 1985 AP News article about the crash involving stuntman Reid Rondell and pilot Scott Meher:


Fan blog post about “Tet”, Stringfellow Hawke’s dog which lived at his cabin:


Here is a behind-the-scenes music video of the cast & crew from the 1987 (Season 4 – final season) supposedly made by a crew member at the time (


Here is an interview with Ernest Borgnine toward the end of his career, and this clip has him discussing Airwolf:


2003 recap of the life of actor David Hemmings, who played the role of Dr. Charles Henry Moffett in the Pilot Episodes of Airwolf: