Youngest Pilot In Hollywood During Time Airwolf Was Filmed

Airwolf Trivia

During the time Airwolf was being filmed, the show featured the youngest pilot in Hollywood.  Who was he?

Peter McKernan, Jr.  At the age of 23, he was the aerial coordinator for Airwolf.  His father was the main pilot of the Airwolf helicopter.


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Animal House Actors Who Appeared In Airwolf Season 3

Airwolf Trivia

Which actors in the movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House” also appeared in episodes of Airwolf during Season 3?


  • John Vernon, who played “Dean Wormer” in Animal House. He appeared as John Bradford Horn in the “Discovery” episode
  • Casare Danova, who played “Mayor Carmine DePasto” in Animal House. He appeared in the “Airwolf II” episode



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Location Of Crash Site For Original Airwolf

Airwolf Trivia

After it was sold to a German helicopter company (under the new registration number D-HHSD), the original Airwolf crashed in an accident which killed the pilot and passengers on board.  Where did the accident happen?


Halbeswig Germany.


The tragic fate of Airwolf Bell 222: destroyed due to pilot error a few years after the show ended



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Location Of The Entrance To Airwolf Lair

Airwolf Trivia

According to Airwolf Online (, where is the real-life entrance to The Lair where Airwolf was supposed to be hidden in the desert?

In Monument Valley in Utah, near the Utah-Arizona border.  According to the website:

  • The entrance to the lair is located at the Hidden Bridge straight across Moccasin Arch.

  • The chimney AW hovers out of is located at Thunderbird Mesa.

Here is a map:


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Airwolf’s Defense Systems

Airwolf Trivia

According to the archive/Wayback page for “The Wolf’s Lair” website (click here), what were Airwolf’s defense systems?



SUNBURST DECOYS – Flares ejected rearward to attract heat seeking missiles.

CHAFF DECOYS – Canisters ejected rearward that explode, showering bits of aluminum to confuse radar-guided missiles.

NOTE: These systems are stored together and launched from the rear of AIRWOLF’S avionics bays )port/starboard).


Venetian blinding the exhaust emissions.


Produces omnidirectional radiation of infrared energy to disable IR tracking. An automatic system that needs no missile approach warning. It snaps on when scanned by IR detectors.


Produces multi-leveled decoy signals to confuse radar.



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