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Here is more about the helicopter from the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, including photos of the official Airwolf replica which was located at the museum until 2015:



This YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imvqBq2MBfg) shows the Airwolf helicopter at an air show in 1986.


Here is a link with information about the helicopter used in the show:  https://airwolf.fandom.com/wiki/Airwolf_(helicopter)/Bell-222A

From the link above:

The aircraft itself was a modified Bell 222 twin-engined light helicopter owned by JetCopters Inc. and built by Bell Helicopter.

Bell 222

The flying Airwolf helicopter was actually a Bell 222. The Bell 222 has two Lycoming turboshaft engines, a streamlined shape, and is available with either retractable undercarriage or fixed skids.

It is usually flown single-pilot (optional dual controls are available), and can be configured for corporate/executive, EMS or utility transport missions. The aircraft can be configured for accommodations of up to 10, including pilot.

The airframe used for Airwolf was serial number 47085 (registration number N3176S).

The Bell 222, sometimes unofficially called a Bell 222A, was the fifth-to-last built before the 222B was released.

During filming of the series the helicopter was owned by JetCopters Inc . in Van Nuys, CA


According to a fan blog post, the plane used in “Flight #093 Is Missing” had the following information:

The plane used was Boeing 747-123 owned at the time by American Airlines. It’s FAA Registration number was N9667 and it’s construction number was C/N: 20106/79. The planes delivery date was the 8th of October 1970 and it’s first flight was on the 24th of September 1970. The planes ATC call sign varied between American 1 Heavy, American 2 Heavy and American 3 Heavy –> https://airwolfupc.blogspot.com/1984/11/2×09.html



According to this resource, the HX-1 helicopter used in the episode of same name (Season 2) was “a modified Sikorsky S-76., registration N84SM, built as C/N 760261”:  https://airwolf.fandom.com/wiki/HX-1_(helicopter)


This video shows a quick viewing of a full-scale replica of Airwolf: