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This page is about copyrighted content made in an official capacity, rather than just fan made re-edits, for the television show Airwolf.  This page will feature information about documentaries, official re-makes of the Airwolf theme and musical scores used in the show, and other legitimate attempts to preserve the history of the show.


Here is a clip from the official documentary ( about the show:

From the above YouTube video’s description:

Airwolf™ © NBC/Universal 1984 – 2016.
Airwolf: The Documentary © Granted Productions 2016.
All Rights Reserved.


Here is the preview video for the music documentary (


From the above video’s description:

Airwolf Music Promo trailer from the upcoming AIRWOLF DOCUMENTARY by Producer Martin Grant, with the original TV Cast & Crew being interviewed about composers Sylvester Levay and Udi Harpaz, and also what they thought about the Airwolf Theme Music on the show. AIRWOLF: THE DOCUMENTARY is an unprecedented 3-HOUR documentary film, detailing in-depth, the incredible and fascinating story behind one of the most expensive, cinematic and complicated television productions, the documentary, Produced and Directed professionally by long-time fan MARTIN GRANT, was self-financed entirely up until the end of last year, following the wrap of an extensive and demanding 5-week shoot across the United States. Grant and his lighting cameraman, ERIC SHEPHERD, were able to reach 40+ of surviving CAST & CREW, including 10 guest stars in California, Oregon, Texas and Massachusetts (coast-to-coast). 2 further interviews were shot before and after in Southern England, bringing the total number of interviewed persons to 42 so far, with further interviews filmed during March 2013. For the first time, thousands of fans of the series across the globe, both casual and diehard, will be given a thorough & profound look into the triumphs, challenges and problems faced by two sets of casts, crews, studios and networks during the divided 3 years plus one that “AIRWOLF” had in production. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE AIRWOLF DOCUMENTARY, visit: or its Blog: FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE AIRWOLF MUSIC SOUNDTRACKS, visit: or our website: or our Blogs:


Here is the response from October 2019 from the attempt to make the Airwolf documentary:


Here is an attempt by a fan to replicate Airwolf software from the 1980’s