One of the composers of Airwolf’s music during the show’s run in the 1980’s was Udi Harpaz.  Here is more about him:

Here is the YouTube video playlist from the 2 CD set of “Airwolf Extended Themes“:


Here is the description from the playlist listed above:

The official soundtrack for the #Airwolf TV series, ‘AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES’ contains 42 tracks over 2CDs with 22 variations of the show’s main theme, plus 20 episodic tracks from the original three CBS Airwolf seasons originating from official Airwolf website: did an interview with Gene Gillette, and he provided that website with an example of a music cue sheet (in this case from the episode “The Horn Of Plenty”):


Here is an interview with Mark Cairns and his extensive work on the various themes and musical scores after Airwolf went off the air: