New Page Added About Airwolf Games

Just added a new page dedicated to the arcade, game console and other games pertaining to Airwolf:


Information About Stringfellow’s Dog And The Plane Information From Flight #093 Is Missing

We added new information about “Tet”, Stringfellow Hawke’s dog, to the Cast and Crew page (click here); and also added is information about the plane from “Flight #093 Is Missing”:

Helicopters And Planes

Airwolf Themes Playlist Plus Music Cue Sheet Example

The website has some terrific Airwolf-related content which is difficult to find.  We added a playlist from their YouTube channel to the Music page on this site (click here); and one of their interviews (with Gene Gillette) shows a music cue sheet from “The Horn Of Plenty” episode.  Go here to see those links:


More Information On Airwolf Scene Locations

We have added new content to the Locations page including a PDF with a recap and photos of a longtime Airwolf fan chronicling his tour of several Airwolf scene locations including:

  • The “Lair”
  • Santini Air hangar
  • Casino in “Sins of the Past”
  • Desert Center (for Sweet Britches episode)
  • Many others

Here is that page:

Filming Locations

Documentary Information Added

We added two YouTube videos (clips) from the Airwolf documentary to this page:

Official Fan Follow Ups

Filming Location Video Added

We added a video we found on YouTube about Desert Center, California – the filming location for some of “Sweet Britches” (Episode 1 of Series 2).  The video can be found here:

Filming Locations